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Automatic Writings

© Jackie Smallridge -

19th July 2009

It is the conquering lion of Judah who will step forward with a multitude of men in the righteousness of the father. The raging rivers need to be still to be triumphant the angels will dance in the glory, the messengers once again will come to those with understanding as some gates will close and others will reopen start to count the fish as there are many mouths to feed. Empty yourself of worthless nonsense then reap the knowledge that is there for all as now you need to wait no more as it is there for the taking just keep it sacred to yourself as it has been given to you for a reason. We will be with you as we have also got a duty to look after your well being, there is nothing at the moment that you need to know as we are all working together it just takes time soon you will see clearly as it has been rather misty up till now.


2010 April 9th

Orion mark of the times open let greatness prevail richness can be bestowed to many Teachings of ancient forgotten manuscripts lost among men those with no understanding the sandals will be worn again as the journey has never ended the donkey was not tired just waiting for his master's orders to Remember each of the swords which hang from the belt they are like keys the sword can chip at many things but is no match for the stone.


Out from the dust came a believer from the desert sand he gave love hope and inspiration he stood triumphantly the sound of many horns to be amongst the army causes fear to those without the shield of righteousness for the sword has always been mighty amongst men.

Let the words come as there has been many who cannot understand what has been written let this be nothing needs to be changed It has always been about the messenger who was given the wisdom for them to devour.

To digest the fruit that has been given takes time to fill an empty belly that has been starved for so long is no easy task it is the same as an empty mind to fill with so much knowledge can cause confusion rejoice for what you have is sacred to feel the love of those gone before to be touched with emotions that carries love to all mankind, for now, the pillars stand strong ready for those who want to walk between the two worlds.

12 May 2014

Sitting within the Mothers house is being a part of the greatest covenant of all It is her that feeds you your fuel to prepare you for what is to come she is the greatest Alchemist of all her ingredients is for life preparing the table sharing the food measuring it carefully so each has an equal portion nothing will ever go to waste. Her table to holds the greatest council of all where many decisions have been made battles have been fought won-lost tears have flowed and laughter heard upon leaving the belly would be full of wisdom and the door always open to all.

28th May 2014

The fire is alight in the temple the flame burns for all remember the fuel for the fire is given by others they are the ones who collect the wood you are the spark the light that burns.

Only you can control the fire light one piece of the wood at a time allow it to burn gently giving of heat to those who gather in the house of the father only he holds the key to the mystery of life 2/3 need to place the wood upon the fire keep it burning always look into the light it will become brighter in time.

The donkey has to be lead to the stable he too becomes tired after a long journey do not forget he too carries a heavy burden he needs to unload once in a while let others carry the bags he has filled. A lame donkey is no good so it must rest feed the apples to him as he to can eat the fruit from the tree. To many eat the fruit and forget the one who carries the basket taking from the basket is easy it takes a long time to fill every apple taken two must be replaced don’t forget the mouth that feeds you ,the well needs to be used it has plenty of water use it wisely the chalice needs to overflow the fire will dry the air quickly many will thirst the well is for a purpose keep the water by the fire watch how one compliments the other .

Storm the battle from within rich though you are of my father allow oneself to endeavour the time that now stands still make allowances for yourself we are by your side fear not for all is in hand trust those who prepare the feast.As there are many who wish to sit at the table that awaits as those who are hungry can now be fed allow yourself to enjoy the fruit that awaits watch as it falls into to the hands of those worthy to tread the ground where the shepherd now cares for his sheep.

Attend to those who have been blind for so long let them again see the light which shines for all watch again as the water flows from the Mothers womb let it turn to ice then watch it move when the seasons change see the difference it makes watch the stars that tell the stories of life long past as they too may change direction .Remember the lion his strength for this is his time the eagles eyes are always watching its wings has carried many on their journey the chain needs to be broken for the people to be free as there are plenty of olives to be shared the branches lay heavy on the ground many baskets are empty ready to be filled.


August 2010

Forward resume your place keeper of many truths one so willing to withhold the light for many they are able to wait as there is now room for all to sit and share what is laid out on the table as before to many seats where full take your time enjoy the feast

5th June 2008

Sweet are the grapes of the vine, sour is the taste of the wine, rich is the blood of the ox but poor is the wheat of the crops.

10th June 2008

Open the door as now we can come share our love and understand the meanings of true wisdom blow away the web that holds you back. Take the bull by the horn ride the waves that come your way run that mile as now your inner strength will see you through. Never hold back go with what you feel is right, others know nothing for what lays ahead will surprise you all. Moments like this only occur once in a life time endure hold onto the branch do not let it wither grow with it never strip the bark from the trees as you will take the riches it holds within

22nd June 2008

To make an exception to ones thoughts is great value to question ones answers is wisdom to obtain knowledge is a life time of self indulgence. For life in its self is one whole learning procedure remember all that is important rid yourself of the worthless as to carry a heavy load only ways you down


29th June 2008

Mother plant the mother creator of the world be mother creator. From the seed we are created to hold the hand is all we ask mother is the flesh that moves the earth beneath our feet. The body that once was, feeds the earth the one that was will always be as it was written for you all to understand what has been given can be taken away.

9th October 2008

The moment of truth is amongst you for the great sacrifice has already been made to engage in one’s self pity has never been an answer. Long ago above the sea there were gods of all the people they were known over many countries great cosmic layers of sulphur would burn around the entry to the caves many meetings were held. Revelations of great interest were inscribed on the sacred tombs. Narat was the High Priest who carried the torch of everlasting light which would last forever for he who finds the true meaning is a wise man.

7th July 2008

Creation is who I am make of it as you will for you can decipher it for yourself manifestation things are being manifested new life new energy. To evolve to move on do not delay, the meeting of minds and soul is not always easy. Within time you will rejoice and get the recognition not from those with no understanding as theirs is a sea of emptiness. 


Yours is a fountain of gold but take as you need do not drain as it is needed for the others we want you to understand this is for your own good also the plate that is placed on your chest has many mystical secrets these have been locked away for many reasons maybe it is time to reopen each section of the talisman as it holds many truths

Job was right to look amongst the numbers the arc has many hidden treasures behold them keep them close to your heart as they hold the meaning to many texts. The lost now may be found, it has been written,  look to the scriptures,  it is there to be found. Many have looked before but only a few have the understanding. Romans chapter IV - XI look for the seal of the ancient Phoebe Tribe, the hidden chamber, you will find your answers there as it holds the meaning to eternity.

29th November 2008

Look after the world. Our time will come. Mother is waiting, Mother will come soon, Mother listens to all. She gives life to those who want the love, she will shine the light for all to see. It has been written many times, glory be to the highest for the temple has regained its pillar.

12 October  2008

Mother can reach when you call see tomorrow as a new day rejoice as you have never before now is your time. For the holy of holies sit and wait ready to share the bread think of this as a great feast as the table will be full in time once you have had your share spare some for others . There is many a mouth to feed the great bird will pick the seed and carry it over great heights as the wind may change direction

9th July 2012

Two houses created for the shepherd the rain has prepared many new pathways bringing the lost home once again. Blind lambs as before have to be found returned to the field too many have perished too many have lost their the battle has just begun. The four seasons have prepared themselves to the west repairing

Light will come from the dark like soldiers warriors of time gone by  holding their shields reflecting the sun guiding the light through the storm. Passing through the holes of time . 


Pushing forward the 7 luminaries allowing the 5 to adjust themselves from the 12 minor stars to become stronger. The sand will blow in the wind like thousands of lights who have yet to be counted hidden by shadows created by man. It is he who has stood amongst you keeping the balance of time holding the chain linking together the cycles that align. The scales are now changing for you all will see it needs to bring together love and harmony

15th July 2013

Tasting the honey can be sweet if the bee does not leave its sting in your mouth it is better to cut the tongue before it swells. Looking between the stone is important checking everything is in order filling in each crevice using the soil as it has been prepared for a while. Let the dirt settle then look for the gold it is there to be found open your eyes you will  see what is laid before you hold it dear in your heart it has waited long to be shared amongst many.


 May 18th 2008

Blessed are they that seek as they are true to the spirit.

Oh lord we do beseech thee. We now stand in honour of your presence its not to the liken of others as theirs is a heavy burden they carry be no fault of their own. Open the gate of your heart so you may worship in the temple the covenant is there before you drink from it and you will learn. To inherit the joys and wisdom it upholds as today you can walk tall for he who has little has it all use all in your power to make the most of what you have received as thou has given you this .

25th May 2008

Climb to the top you shall. As we will reach out when you call as one needs the hand of guidance many are waiting at this moment prepare yourself  as great things are to come  the dust will settle upon the sheet

The blanket will lay upon the ground ready for those who wish to sit and eat as their bellies will soon be full.

30th December 2008

Your soul is awakened my friend just remember all that is put before you there are many around at this moment it is all in hand. Let go of your worries there is no doubt amongst those here. Enjoy the feast as it is full of richness eat the fat from the calf leave the lamb for the slaughter drink the blood from the ox as this is your strength. Watch carefully as the wheat is striped from the field then wait for the locust come in their thousands to scorch the land prepare to hold the torch so many can see the light

23rd Oct 2008

Mankind all over the world we watch Abraham was a wise old man Moses was wise Solomon was a great man of wisdom Levi Rebecca,Mary mother of all. The arc will be lifted. Remove the stone look where the cattle once lay break down the wall recreate what was lost. For under the stone is many truths let there be light where the darkness has been unveil the hidden treasures arrange the tablet put back the pieces then you will find your answer as those who seek will find it is like the shepherd who loses his sheep 

18th November 2008

Over the mountain there are many offer the willow your support as it weeps feed the earth retain the water it will be needed sooner than you think. Listen. For the silence is what you need to understand all that is in your grasp Enter the realms of your thoughts keep open the mind that lays still. You are the arrow without the bow

March 2012

She who comes forward will always find you she who comes forward is light, she keeps the sun shining until day becomes night. From the womb of the cave her songs echo the warmth of her breath is felt by all.. Bring forth him who shineth bring light everlasting so they can see hold the lamp in the cave to cast a shadow so dark will no longer be. Create the basket for all who are needy fill with jewels that were given to thee for all of the fruit is full of riches it will always hang from the tree.


Jan 2013

Resurrecting bringing the flower back to life watching it grow in a field of its own without others watering its root letting it thrive in the sunshine. Letting the scent capture the bee to make the honey as the queen awaits her workers. Then the sweetness can be tasted by all that eat the bread from the table. The milk feeds the flower as it is from the mother.

Jeremiah was a wise old man so was Thomas. Letting the bull roam the streets while man must pay. new chapters need to be written bringing forward instead of slipping back. Start to read between the lines look is what is there for the taking listen to the sounds and signals what are they telling you arrange in order it will come together in time.

27th Sep 2008

Put the seed into the earth and let it grow do not let it wither feed it well remember it as one it will create many as the wind will carry it far . The water will fill his boots then he will learn to stand firm let this be a lesson

 Sept 2007

My friend we acknowledge you and know of your thoughts except what we give as it will all make sense in the future we in spirit are close at all time looking over our earthly beings The earth changes it feeds life and helps creation it is needed for us to survive and we need to take care of her. It is also being destroyed everyone stands back they need to take care of what they have as only man can put it right we can watch and hope for the best

Oct 2007

It is time to remind those who all want knowledge to take heed as time waits for no one we must learn to except what is given as the future is bleak at this moment in time only you yourselves can find the answers we can only observe .

14th May 2008

Never fear the darkness as this is your space your inner sanctuary the place where you have found your soul this place is your beginning where it is time to start again there is an abundance of energy it is the control that controls all use it in awe. Follow your truth as it will shine amongst many  fill your bowl never let it run empty these are your words of wisdom look through the window watch the sun shine you will fill the warmth that stems from within

Sunday 18th May 2008

The cup runneth over, the blood has been shed ,tears have flowed ,rivers are full, but my heart be empty for all this has been done before, man needs to make amends with the father as he holds the hand of wrath.Birds will sing know more, water will run dry, balls of fire will role be this of your own doing their will be many who will suffer but a few will be triumphant.

April 24th 2008

Enrich yourself as you are blessed from the begotten you are begot take the light you have been given shine this light around many as it will shine amongst all.Help the helpless give to those who are needy share the love you hold in your heart ,reach to those who are in need as theirs is a greater need than yours.Pick the fruit as it is ripe take the seed and plant where it is needed go fourth as there is no stone to be thrown just to be gathered to help make your pathway easier.

If the sword needs to cut the cloth then let it be the veil itself is visible to those who can see through it .Erecting the pillars will take a while as they need to be strong to open the gateway for those who wish to walk freely without being bound by chains. The ships have sailed through many storms losing there direction waiting for the sea to become calmer as the sky becomes clearer the moon will help to steer the ships home.

Séance 26th Feb 2020

I don’t really write anything on what happens in my séance as it is mostly recorded but tonight was different I went into what is called altered state to allow my inspirer to come forward and as time went on I felt cold and was surrounded by glacier mountains ,they where stunning and in front of me was all different shapes which where glacier too inside them where trees people animals everything was frozen but floating along a stream everything that was living was now set in this ice shapes as I looked up on the top of the high glazed mountain was a glazed  chapel so beautiful  it had a dome on the top held up by 4 pillars.


In the dome was a glowing bright light I felt that my inspirer was there with me so I asked him what was happening and why was I being shown this and what was the chapel and the bright light, when I asked the question I felt his presence move away and I woke my sitters asked if I was ok as I seemed startled I told them what just happened then Jackie said let me tell you now what was said earlier by Na’ar and it was about being frozen in time and something about what is to come as she had written bit down of what was said earlier by my inspirer.


They said maybe he withdrew from you and never answered your question as it is not the right time  for you to know strange thing is I never ask Na’ar anything and I did this time and I have never felt him with me if I see anything in my altered state I just wonder why he was there maybe he was showing  me this for some reason it was a beautiful thing to see I won’t dwell too much on it as I do know it will unfold in time

August 2017 Visions

            Running into the field as the gate was open fields full of wheat so high I just ran with excitement freedom then the wheat started to get shorter and shorter I was running in a spiral and there he was feeding his children as black as ebony yet full of light, every colour emanated from him he sat upon a stone yet it was see through with thousands of specs of light a rainbow in full colour. He spoke to all. Then I woke from my meditation and asked what he was saying my hand started to write these words

 You are the word let it be for the world feeds you as I do. Blessed is he who shares for his mouth will never be empty. Blessed is he who drinks  from the cup as his cup will always runneth over , Blessed is he who builds, for his temple will be solid as the pillars stand strong , the mantel comes in many colours collect the colours collect the threads  carefully too many threads do not fit into the eye of the needle .


Remember I am the blanket that clothes you I am the fire that keeps you warm I am the tree that stands firm carrying the fruit that feeds many. My roots find the water deep within the ground  allowing me to stand strong so I can shelter many in the storm it is the Iron of the fetters that still hold many for they themselves are bound forever you can break the chain many times but the fetters hold you down.


To many remain in there prisons being fed stale bread by others how does man learn if he chooses to eat the poison that is laid on a plate before him go now show them the way to plough a field to plant a seed to build the fire that can smelt the iron so they can run like silver for only the father is Gold

November 2019 Visions

Sitting on the ridge looking down and from nowhere he walks forward holding the fire torch behind him was more followers from time gone by cave man like but I know him he is my friend the one who left me maybe 8 years ago saying he would return when he is needed always knowing they would come when the time is right,

So now they lay on the floor before me drawing symbols and then pointing to the empty space.

A piece of the ground that has nothing upon it looking at me still no voice but an inner knowing that now is the time for me to put my own pictures out as they did before. 


The light always comes from the dark when you least expect it I should be used to this by now not knowing where this will go but I am sure it will come within time .

November 2019 - 2nd Vision

The mountain in front of me has the winding path and there are many in cloaks that are waiting for me to take them to the top.

As we start the journey I turn around and they have disappeared except their cloaks which are blowing in the wind the cloaks are still in the same line. As I travel to the top the cloaks disappear but I know they are with us,  as I reach the top the peak has an opening and I climb in.

This time there is another path that is  light so I walk down slowly as I reach the bottom there is a fire so I sit just starring into it.I am drawn into the fire my body becomes the fire and the fire rises to the top of the mountain out into the sky above the  clouds I am there now looking down it is a beautiful feeling of being free being with nothing but everything then the fire is pulled back down through the mountain releasing me back to where I was sitting as I stood up a hole appeared in the side of the mountain as I looked behind me once again where all those dressed in robes and I left the mountain through the hole they followed me as the hole lead me into the forest there was a clear rd/pathway ahead I continued walking with them following me but as I turned they all stared going into different direction only to get lost into the forest .

All this is another part of my journey I wonder where the pathway will lead me

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