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The Reason

Imbolc going to add a verse or two as it

Maybe there is no reason other than sharing all that has happened up to now, my journey is too much to digest for me, so I don't know how others will react but it is my truth written in layman's terms those who know of me seem to put many names for what I am doing or what I am seen as.


Can people not just except I am me, no different from anyone else except I have a presence that I have been aware of most my life and have allowed it to come forward.


sharing some philosophy and wonderful mysteries of what people call hidden knowledge It's just what do I do with it all when I am gone?


must I share it or does it simply go into the bin? all these wonderful pieces that I have gathered over the years, does it all come under science, spirituality, philosophy,


I will leave it open for questioning as I myself do not hold to answers, as how can you answer the unanswerable.

I have over the years collected and built up a strong archive of  Automatic writings, trance sessions, photographic recordings and would like to share this with those who are interested.

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