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Words cannot describe him

What ever form he comes

The most important being of the whole experiment

The one that oversee's every thing

He is something but yet nothing 

A true man of wisdom, magic, love & compassion 

Who brings things from the unseen to be seen.


A Prediction Made by Na'ar   

August 2017


The fragrance of the orange blossom

when the orange blossom is in full bloom it will start to begin

It will be a poignant time of the year for many change 

The blossom too is China my friends.

I will tell you the change will start to begin 

The orange blossom itself is poignant at this time 

The colour of orange can mean many things

It could be fire, it can be sickness too

It can be what ever you wish for it to be.

Even the word sickness can be taken in many ways 

The Wu is an old language

The Wu too is shamanic more the Woman Shaman

Goes back a long time,  it was foretold there, at the time of the blossom 

There is much to be said and much to look out for 





A Special Piece on Amenti

By Jackie Smallridge

I will take you now to a place called Amenti

I will take you forth so the stone you will see

I will hold your hand for the fire is burning

To show you the power which was bestowed upon me


Come forth the watchers as now you are needed

To guide to the light the one who’s been waiting

The one who’s been waiting

To be given her answers

For her symbol is 3


The tablets are there they need to be lifted

As it’s known to him the one who’s light shineth

The one with the answers who bestowed them on me

So 4 and 20 they come in there numbers

4 and 20 where how they were known

4 and 20 is a mystical number

They are the ones who connect with the stone


72 they are still waiting

72 all wait for the key

7 plus 2 they are but shadows

Awaiting the light so they can be free

72 they hang from the branches

From the tree that holds knowledge

Knowledge of all

Go forth from the tree share its wisdom

From the tree you will never fall


The watchers of men will always be watching

There eyes will never be blind

They are there for a reason

To give help to those who they find


Those of the light will always guide you

Those of the light shine for thee

It is those from the light

Who gave you your Symbol

It is water known as 3


To fill the chalice is all we ask of you

To give to those who seek after me

To let them know life’s everlasting

In time they will all be set free


From part of a world that has know understanding

From a world that now needs to resist

To gather together some understanding

Of why mankind really exist’s


I will go back to the place called Amenti

Then place in the darkness all that’s been told

I will go back in time I will be needed

As now things will start to unfold


The phoenix will rise again from the ashes

It was written in times of old

The Phoenix is a symbol known to the elders

She holds in her claws part of the gold

The dust from the gold lays in the casket

  Guarded by those who turn dark into light


Ye who come forth will deliver wisdom

Ye who come forth will be part of my soul

For underneath the embers are burning

Guarding secrets and the rest of the scrolls

The wheels of time will always be turning

The cycle of life will continue to be

The passage waits for those who have insight

Those who fear not of what might be


42 judges might stand amongst you

42 who are now of bone

42 have followed the passage

And now stand to guard the stone


Khem is where the shinning will find you

Khem is where it will all unfold

It is there where you will find your wisdom

In the hall of 2 truths where the silver is gold

The foot of the lion the passage will open

The foot of the lion is known as the door

Take heed as now you will be met by the 4


Those who lead you into the darkness

Those that are known by the khem

It is those who know all of the secrets

Left to them by the creators of men

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