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Testimonials & Snippets

A letter from a Dear Friend - Barney

Thursday 21st 2013 - 7pm

Re :  Jackie Smallridge (Medium)

From Connection to Death

Birth & Rebirth

In Trance you treated me to the most eloquent

demonstration of the actual stages that we all experience

from conception, time in the womb ,the complete birth experience  and on into future.

The pregnant moment was quite visible as you produced ectoplasm .You don’t need to be a genius to connect that to spermatozoa, or sperm to you Jackie. From there, after the sperm joined with the egg and the connecting with the wall of the womb .Quite time in the womb and still producing copious  amounts of ectoplasm .Then comes birth accompanied by very loud sounds-like the primal scream –also at this time you nearly died ,at which time you were  reborn and spared to begin your magical work .after your birth you were in trouble your near death experience was also your rebirth .eventually the after birth  came away and some joy and peace this was a very meaningful time for me and I will surely remember it. Barney



At the end of the session there was a long silent period during which the cord (placenta) was firmly attached when I spoke out and said that the cord would separate naturally (no cutting) slowly you came back among us as if nothing had happened .In fact it was awesome. a considerable vehicle .I was privileged to attend I am very fortunate person


Amen BP

*Your gift is awesome 

Jackie Pritchard PhD.

April 2011 to July 2014

"......There were a series of drawings which were new phenomena for her (Jackie) and seemed like  a genuine creative outflow. Gradually there were automatic writings which used language and ideas that were not familiar to Jackie, such as biblical references and symbolic concepts from a variety of sources. It was clear that the inner changes were happening and these were followed by speaking short pieces of inspired philosophy in the open circle......"

".....At times I could see a shimmer around her mouth and a variety of bluish shadows around the face and neck. Sometimes i could see a whiteish mistiness within the cabinet, other times it was bluish....."


".....As her Witness..."

".....Some of the sitters are experienced and spirit mediums themselves. I'm not a spirit medium. I'm not a clairvoyant. What I am is a witness, I document through photographs, recordings and written notes, the things that are said by spirit people that Jackie channels. I've photographed images, strange shapes, beautiful halos of coloured light surrounding Jackie as she sits, sometimes in darkness but also in light..."

".....As her witness, i will testify to that....."

Aileen Davies


".....Some years ago she was advised to go to  a spiritualist church, to help her understand what was happening to her and that was how I met her. She came to the open circle i was running. Over the ensuing weeks and months, she attended every week, gaining an understanding of what was happening to her. A Spirit entity was linking with her and using her voice box to communicate. Both Jackie and the spirit entity were on a learning curve together, of communication from the spirit world..."

".....The spirit revealed himself in Jackie's closed circle as 'Na'ar'....."

".....Apart from Na'ar communicating these ancient facts, Jackie was also inspired to write down thoughts thats he was communicating to her. These writings often referred to Numerology, sacred Geometry and astronomy and were quite different in every way to her own writings..."

".....Jackie has truly a remarkable gift and we have been privileged to be part of her journey....."

Susie Cox

".....Jackie is a very spiritual person who soon showed us what she's about...."

".....There was this almighty roaring/screaming sound which brought us out of our meditation. It was Jackie who had appeared  to have gone into a trance state....Jackie, bless her, had no clue what had happened to her and no explanation at that time....."

".....Jackie also began spirit writings which she shared with me , and spiritual drawings which were amazing to see...."

Xufei Zho


".....The first time I saw Jackie she left me with a deep impression and miraculous spiritual experience....."

".....Jackie brings the spirit back to life by imparting her everlasting life to us..."

".....She can contact with other spirit guides, angels and other spirits, through the process of revelation and though her language of the spirit, the tremendous amounts of inspiration and information can be given to us instantly....."


".....We were discussing the attributes of the banned book of Enoch, and the Book of Fallen Angels..."


".....Your Guide said I must not try to grasp every word quickly. I remember his analogy of the bowls of rice and also washing the rice until the water runs clean....."

"....I want to know more. Hold your failth....."

Pushy Sanghera

".....As I write this I am overwhelmed, blessed and full of gratitude in having met Jackie, and experienced Na'ar words of wisdom and love....."

".....This was the beginning of something Divine. When I eventually met Jackie, yes I was expecting to hear from Na'ar as I wanted to know the truth.....As time went on Na'ar spoke about many things that have been forgotten, his words were metaphoric....."

".....My first experience of sitting with Jackie blew me away; I witnessed ectoplasm, changes in posture and lumps appearing in the neck, hands and much more....."

Sonya Sanghera

".....How can a mere few paragraphs simply define a miracle of 3rd dimensional existence? To me, Jackie in her "human" form is one of the realest individuals i have met in my whole life. She ooze's transparency, sincerity and truth. She is blessed with ultimate veracity, a rarity in such a lost generation....."

Scott Harris

".....I love the Sanctuary of Hope, its amazing! The energy and what lovely people you have collected to sit with you. Also you have an amazing journey ahead and I am honoured and privileged to have sat with you and the spirit world. Also it seems to me you are now progressing with the transfiguration into what appears to be a mask....."

Mr Davinder Panesar

".....Jackie is the remover of ignorance, a channel for profound wisdom, knowledge, and a healer and most importantly she shatters your fixed and conditioned reality in front of your very eyes. Nothing can prepare you for the experience of physical transfiguration when Jackie is sitting in her sanctuary. Jackie is unique in every sense of the word....."

".....Jackie is a bridge between the unseen and the seen....."

Nanoo Nanoo

".....The Tribes of Phoebe, House of David, Nubians, The Plaides Star Constellations, the Andromeda Galaxy, The Breast Plate of the High Priest, MJ12, The Emerald Tablets of Thoth, Hermes, YAWH, Melchiezadek, The Grass hopper Theory to Life, The halls of Amenti, Draconian Astrology, Draconus, Sirius A and B, the list is endless....."

Friends From Spain

".....The presence of Jackie at the Centre of Alchemy and Conscience in Alhama de Granada, Spain, brought us a new fresh air in our spiritual environment.....All this circumstances opened a space of visions, intuitions, healings, power animals, rainbow warriors, Archetypes and potentials in that retreat....."

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