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A Special Tribute.....
To Transfiguration Medium Jean Skinner
My mentor and friend who sadly passed away last year Jean was the only one who really understood me as she had gone through the same motions.
That lonely path that you have working with the spirit or unseen. What ever people call it Jeans presence was felt by all that sat with her, the love that you felt when she demonstrated her gift was out of this world. The calmness of the room was as if it was like being in a different place at a different time.
 I feel I was privileged to know such a beautiful soul  as she is one of the last old school  in this field of mediumship. Jean was in talks about writing another book but unfortunately her time was limited and it never happened but I would say we were similar in many ways.
She told me, be careful on your journey as there are those who will want to take what you have for their selfish purpose. Don’t let obstacles get in your way, just walk the path that is there for you as its never-ending.
Enjoy what is put before you as it is for your understanding, signs will come when its time to share so maybe the signs I have been shown is for now I am sharing a picture of Jean and myself that are so similar we said we are like 2 peas in a pod.
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Jean Skinner & Jackie 2015

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